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Maternity Blessed Virgin Mary Church
Bourbonnais, Illinois

Noel Lasseur, a fur trader, came to Bourbonnais in 1832 and was influential in developing the village. The first mass was celebrated in his home in June 1837. Missionary priests visited infrequently to serve the populace’s needs. By 1841, a log church was built and Father Renee Courjault was appointed the first pastor in 1847. Many traveled great distances to attend mass here without roads. Traversing rough trails was the sole mode of traveling. By 1848, a larger church was built and was completed by 1849. This church was named Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1853, the church was totally destroyed by fire and construction of a stone church was started in 1855. This church was completed in 1858 and it is still in use today.

Maternity Blessed Virgin Mary Church

St. Anne’s Church
St. Anne, Illinois

St. Anne's Church

St. Joseph’s Church
Manteno, Illinois

St. Joseph's Church



St. Peter’s Church
Aurora, Kansas

A group of French Canadian settlers migrated around 1870 from Bourbonnais, Kankakee County Illinois to Kansas. Their first settlement was named St. Peter and was later changed to Aurora around 1888. Their church, St. Peter’s was built as a mission in 1875 near Old Elm Creek Cemetery which was two miles from Aurora (St. Peter’s). Father Mollier would come from St. Joseph’s to say mass. It was moved to Aurora in 1892, destroyed by a storm, rebuilt to be destroyed by a Tornado in 1909 and again rebuilt.

St. Peter's Church

St. Joseph’s Church
St. Joseph, Kansas

St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph’s Cemetery
St. Joseph, Kansas

St. Joseph's Cemetery



St. Joseph-du-Corbeau’s Church
Coopersville, New York

Clinton County was served by missionaries from Chambly, Canada. The area around Champlain was referred to as ‘le mission du Corbeau’. St. Joseph’s Church in Coopersville is the oldest foundation of any settlement in the Champlain Valley. It is the oldest Church that had it’s beginning in 1749 with it’s first Church built at Trombly Bay in 1790.

Father Joseph Signay was assigned to the church in 1806 and would later become the Bishop of Quebec in 1833. He built or caused to be built, the first Church on the shores of the Chazy River in the cemetery given the name of St. Josephs’ located on the Mason Road in the hamlet of Coopersville. The present building was erected in 1843.

The Church at Trombly Bay was built by Father Pierre Huet de la Valiniere who had been accused of pro-revolutionary sympathy. As he was traversing the Champlain Valley en-route to Montreal in 1785, he arrived in Montreal but was unwelcome and walked back to New York. He then traveled to Philadelphia where he received permission to labor among the neglected refugees at the Mission du Corbeau.

St. Joseph du Corbeau's Church

Our Lady Of Victory Church
Purcell, Oklahoma

Father Roquier, a French Canadian priest, built the first church in 1886, which was used as a school during the week. In 1887 the Benedictines became responsible for the church in Purcell. Father Vincent Joly was the first priest of the Benedictine Order from France. Father Joly with Father Ospital were involved in the building of a new church in 1891. By February 1888 the Franciscan Sisters of Glenn Riddle, PA arrived to begin a convent and boarding school which was closed in 1948 due to a lack of funds. The school, St. Elizabeth’s, was originally for the Indians but later accepted all children. In the early 1900’s St. Elizabeth’s third floor was destroyed by a fire but the townspeople rallied and rebuilt the convent and a new wing within two weeks. These early priests, along with the Fathers Wilwerding and Hugo, were an integral part of the community and were loved and respected by Catholics and non-Catholics.

Our Lady of Victory Church


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