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Notre Dame-de-Bonsecours

Marguerite Bourgeoys, the first teacher in the colony, established this church with the help of the townspeople in 1675. The current building dates from 1771. She returned from France in 1672 with a wooden image of “Our Lady of Good Help” for the church. Fire ravaged this church in 1754 and the statue luckily survived. After the fall of Montreal, the church became home to English, Scottish and Irish refugees. In the early 19th century, the church became known as the sailors’ church. Sailors would make pilgrimages from the Old Port of Montreal and make offerings to the Virgin in gratitude for her good help and safe sea voyages. They left carved wooden replicas of their ships, which still hang from the vault. Marguerite Bourgeoys is buried here.

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Notre Dame de Bonsecours

Notre Dame-des-Neiges

Notre Dame des Neiges

Notre Dame-du-Grace Montreal

Distance again initiated the request for another church for the residents of Cote des Neiges in 1847. 30 Arpents of land were bought by Sulpiciens for the construction of the church in October 1849 at the cost of 1500 louis. Construction of the church began in 1850 and was complete by 1853.
Tradition was that parishioners were buried in the basement of the church and the first Mayor of Montreal, Jacques Viger rests there. This parish served a vast territory and eventually was divided into nine parishes. It was remodeled in 1910 with major restorations in 1927.

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Notre Dame due Grace Montreal

Notre Dame-du-Montreal

The first parish church was built in 1672 but was outgrown by 1824. The building of Notre Dame du Montreal today was built between 1823 and 1829. Upon its completion, it was the largest church in North America. It is located at 110 rue Notre Dame O., Montreal.

The interior is a work of art that includes a 7,000 pipe Cassavant organ that can make the walls tremble. It also boasts a 12-ton bass bell, the largest in North America and stained Limoges glass windows. The Vieux Seminaire is Montreal’s oldest building and was headquarters for the Sulpician priests who owned the island of Montreal until 1854 and ministered at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame du Montreal

St. Andre Avellin

St. Andre Avellin

St. Jacques Montreal

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St. Jean-de-Baptiste Montreal

Land was given in 1872 for this church and it was officially established in 1875. A voluntary assessment contribution was made in 1880 but parishioners refused to pay it. This refusal forced the city to pay for the church, placing the city near bankruptcy. The church was destroyed by fire in January 1898. The church was rebuilt in 1903 and was almost 64,560 square feet, paid for by a mandatory assessment. By June 1911, a second fire destroyed the church again and the third church was built between 1912 and 1914.

St. Jean Baptiste Montreal

St. Louis-de-France

Louis Lepage founded this church in 1723 and it was one of the first 35 parishes set up in Nouvelle France. The current parish church is the third and was built in 1878, thanks to Lady Genevieve Sophie Raymond Masson, seigneuress of Terrebonne, who gave the ground and stone necessary for the church.

St. Louis de France

St. Vincent-de-Paul Laval

Beginning in 1702, the first chapel was devoted to the Infant Jesus and was served by Reverend Pierre Voland of Saint Claude. In 1706, the first church was built on the Isle of Jesus and dedicated to St Francois de Sales and the first parish priest was Rev Francois de Buisson of Saint Come.

St. Vincent de Paul parish roots begin in 1740 when Gilles Hocquart ordered the foundation of two parishes on the Isle of Jesus. In 1743 an official request was made for a church for St Vincent de Paul. In 1744, Reverend Olivier Marie Semelle, the first parish priest, oversaw the construction of the church, which was used for worship for the next 100 years. Construction lasted eight years. It was enlarged in 1854 and 1855. In 1857, the church was demolished and a new church was dedicated in 1874.

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St. Vincent de Paul Laval

Ste. Cunegonde

Ste. Cunegonde was established in 1874.

Ste. Cunengonde


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