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About My Work

I have devoted myself to genealogy research for the past ten years and it is my primary focus now that my children are grown. It is a passion stemming from my childhood and has increased through my dedication to keeping my family history and heritage current, well researched, and intact. My resources include historical and genealogical societies, PDRH, Southern CA Genealogical Society, libraries, Mormon Church holdings, etc. I have supplemented these resources and closed any gaps in my research through onsite visits and trips to relevant cemeteries.

The timeframe covered by my research is between 1600 – 1900 AD. The information on this website was obtained primarily from Roman Catholic Church records in the area of Quebec, Canada. I have studied French and taken several years of classes in order to complete this research. Following this, I have translated the documents into English to the best of my ability. I referred to resources pertaining to the period during which the records were written and used AltaVista to fill in the gaps. When records were unreadable I typed in what I reasonably believed the French words to be or left a __. Along with each document is an actual Xerox copy or scan of the church document. These can be professionally translated if you desire. This will help document the people in your database.

About the Records

Some scans are of excellent quality while others are somewhat blurred and faint. Others remain difficult to read. I have translated some of the scans from the microfilm and then copied the scan because it was too difficult to read. The majority are very legible. Please remember that most baptisms were either the same day or within the week. Exceptions to this include the period during and immediately following the Revolutionary War, when the French who fought with Americans were not allowed to attend certain churches. In these cases the baptisms occurred as much as a year later.

I charge $5.00 per document along with a self-addressed and stamped envelope. For each request I will include a translation and copy of the original French or Latin document. I accept money orders or personal checks. Please allow 1 – 2 weeks to receive your documents. Click here for more information about document requests.


For a list of churches included in my research, click here.

Requests for Data Research

Lookups for other data in these churches will be done upon request. Some churches are partially indexed or not at all so please include known birth, death and or marriage dates that you might have. The fee is $20.00 per hour with a minimum of one hour. If the church does not have an index, I will notify you to see if you wish to proceed. Those with * are churches known without an index. Contact me if you have any questions about data research.


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